Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kamen Rider Fouze?!

I'm not sure this is could be Fouze or Fourze?
Or maybe this is just a Fanarts?

Transformers Dark of the Moon: NEW TV SPOT! Megatron!

Tired of new Transformers DOTM TV Spots yet? Of course you're not, so here's the latest one! Mainly recycled material, but a little new footage toward the end. The YouTube video is embedded below.

Kamen Rider Fouze, Arms & Legs are like Rokets?

The usual 2ch "rumors". Take it as you will etc.

"My first impression was 'Explosive Ninja Rocketman' and white 'Skyzel'.
His arms and legs are like rockets.
It's mainly white, with some yellow lines.
There's definitely a space suit motif in there.
The design is really simplistic.
There's a '2' on the left and right side of the belt buckle.
His head is shaped like a bamboo shoot, it has a simple look.
Has the usual bug Rider eyes."

This is Rocketman, from World Ninja War Jiraiya, the white guy on the left.

And this in Skyzel from Space Ironmen Kyodain.

Thanks to DecaEnd of HJU for this rumors.

Gundam Head Collection - Gundam Age Vol .1

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