Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard Will Be Premiering September 2nd

Kamen Rider Wizard, the next Kamen Rider after Fourze will be premiering September 2nd!
The rings that are used to transform are "Wizard Ring". These rings will provide Wizard with magic and various powers.
Kamen Rider Wizard uses the transformation belt called “WizarDriver” in order to transform. By wearing a ring and placing his hand in front of the buckle, he’s able to transform.
Kamen Rider Wizard uses a weapon called “WizarSwordGun” it has two different modes. A sword mode and a gun mode.
Different rings will provide Wizard with different magic.
For example the Big ring will allow Wizard to make a specific body part bigger. When Wizard uses the Copy ring, he’s able to create copies of himself.

Originally post by DecaEnd
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