Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO Final Episode Director's Cut

Director's cut of 47 and 48 is scheduled for release in February.
Rental DVD: February 10.
Sale DVD/Blu-Ray: February 21.
Sale version comes with audio commentary from Watanabe, director Tasaki, writer Kobayashi, and producer Takebe.

There are about 8 minutes worth of added scenes:
  • Satonaka informs Kougami she couldn't deliver the present.
  • In the Foundation, Eiji--not persuaded by Date & Goto--goes to fight Maki.
  • Eiji recieves Cell Medals from Kougami.
  • Complete Uva fights Birth & Birth Prototype.
  • Doctor Maki puts Core Medals into Uva in human form.
  • Date & Goto talk to Kougami in the lab.
  • Date & Goto in the lab at dawn.
  • Kougami makes a cake for Eiji who has unleashed his desire.
  • In the epilogue, the dialogue will now be audible.

Thanks to nerefir of HJU
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