Thursday, June 23, 2011

The long-awaited PV for X-JAPAN’s “JADE” has been released!

X-JAPAN’s highly anticipated single, “JADE”, has now had its PV released to the public!
This 6-minute video is from a live performance, and while wearing all black outfits, X-JAPAN’s vocalist Toshi’s voice echoes through the crowd, who are holding x-shaped glow sticks.
X-JAPAN will release this single on June 28th.

Check out their epic performance below!

Source: Tokyohive

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 1 Rumors

Cast rumors, posted by a Yobuko.

- Gentaro Kisaragi - Souta Fukushi
- Kengo Kasei - Ryuki Takahashi
- Yuuki Joujima/Joushima, depends on how you read the kanji - Fumika Shimizu
- Miwa - Rikako Sakata
- JK (Jake) - ???
- Tomoko Yazawa - ??? Considering the character name, I believe it's a female.

Supposedly a summary of the first episode, by an anonymous poster.

Episode 1, "Him→Me→Switch→Transform":
Gentaro Kisaragi, a student in Amanogawa Academy High School's 2B, is suddenly attacked by his teacher who was covered in mysterious space energy.
He seems to be in an absolute pinch. But out of nowhere, the transfer student Kengo Kasei hands him some switches and a mysterious belt. 

Kamen Rider The Diner: Restaurant With Kamen Rider Theme

Theme restaurant created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the series.

The Room:

Some of The Menu:

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