Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Movie Wars Core Director's Cut Version - List of Changes

Kamen Rider OOO x Kamen Rider W feat Skull Movie Wars Core Director's Cut Version 
List of Changes
+ 15 minutes of extra footage
+ Order is changed. First story is OOO's, followed by Double.

+ Eiji helps Nobunaga integrate into society again.
+ Arm Ankh appears and reveals something to Eiji.
+ Eiji broods after Nobunaga changes.
+ Nobunaga's change is shown.

+ Extra scene in Soukichi's car while they go to the city hall.
+ Eren appears in the city hall, planning to pursue Narumi.
+ Shotaro recalls the events of Begin's Night.
+ Narumi tells Melissa about his decision regarding the Spider Dopant.
+ Shroud appears to advise Narumi regarding his decision.

Movie Wars Core Directors cut... Nothing, apparently, just the standard clean ending scenes with the credits separate.
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