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Kamen Rider Fourze Next Episodes Summary

After everything is resolved in episode 33, the seniors head out for a field trip. Since they are free to choose their own groups, Gentaro, Yuuki, Kengo and Ryuusei form a group. Although, they notice a girl, called Yukina Takamura (played by Mika Akizuki), without a group. The girl says she wants to make some great memories at the trip. Thus, Gentaro tries and shake hands with her, but is completely ignored.
Kou Tatsugami (played by Kazutoshi Yokoyama), he has Gamou’s full trust and works as Gamou’s secretary and bodyguard. He seems to be holding a Horoscope Switch which lets him transform into the Leo Zodiart.

Leo's played by Kazutoshi Yokoyama, he's mainly a stunt actor, he's been in plenty of Tokusatsu series especially Metal Heroes.

While the school is visiting the Senbon shrine in Kyoto, Libra Zodiart appears and Fourze and Meteor fight him together.
Coincidentally, Gamou is also in Kyoto to lecture at a university together with a man by the name of Shuuki Emoto. He reveals to Kengo that he once researched Cosmic Energy, and tells him something shocking. Emoto used to work together with Rokuro Utahoshi, Kengo’s father.
Gamou as a young man, together with Rokuro (played by Tooru Kazama)

Kengo's father is called Rokuro, he worked together with Emoto in Kyoto for a while.
Emoto is played by Tooru Kazama, he was in Kamen Rider The First, not sure what he played.

The Leo Zodiarts is far more intimidating than all the other Zodiarts. If he’s angered, he’ll show no hesitation on attacking. Even if it’s a fellow Horoscope.

Fourze and Meteor fights against Libra in order to protect the peace of Kyoto. After failing, Libra is threatened to be sent to the Dark Nebula.
A new hot topic in the school is the identity of the DJ called Jean that is hosting the popular net radio “Jean’s Milky Night Carnival
There’s a rumor that Jean is a student at Amanogawa. Jean receives a senders mail from someone called “God“, as the Kamen Rider Club is listening to the show, they start to argue over the mysterious mail.
While arguing, Gentaro decides to go fishing.
Standing behind Gamou is yet another mysterious transfer student. What are they planning?
Who could Meteor be fighting!? Has Cancer returned!?
Taurus Zodiarts?

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