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Kamen Rider OOO Episode 43-46 Summary

Maki who has 5 purple Core Medals is slowly turning into a Greeed together with Eiji.
Although they are in the same state, they have different goals.
The purple Core Medals affect humans differently in the way they fight.

With Ankh coming back, the Greeeds are joining forces. However, they all have their own goals.

"If you don't want to disappear, join me"
When Ankh tells the other Greeeds that the purple Core Medals have the power to destroy other Core Medals, they join forces.
Although they joined forces, Kazari starts to feel uneasy working with Ankh. He doesn't like the fact that Ankh is becoming the leader of the Greeeds.
Kazari decides to fight against Ankh.

In order to counter the Greeeds, Eiji seeks help from Kougami.

"Welcome to the King's room!"
Kougami leads them to the basement of the building. The room is full of relics from 800 years ago.
Kougami tells him the way to not let the purple Core Medals control Eiji.

The Birth System gets destroyed. As there's no one left to fix the system, Gotou heads over to the lab and decides to use the prototype Birth.

"When the rampaging Greeeds have finished swallowing Earth, I'll exterminate them."

Episode summaries for Ep 43-46:

Ep 43:
Ankh senses that a suspicious man is following him, he uses this man to create a Yummy. The Yummy starts to attack couples, Ankh meets Maki and suggests an idea.

Ep 44:
Ankh visits Kazari and co, he invites them to join forces, their aim is Eiji's Core Medals! On the other hand, Gotou seeks guidance from Kougami to resist the purple medals inside Eiji's body.

Ep 45:
After a massive fight with the Greeeds, Eiji loses tons of Cores. Eiji and Gotou plans a sudden attack at the Greeds. Mezool will soon receive great power, her targets is mothers and their children.

Ep 46:
Gamel starts to turn people into Cell Medals, even Gotou as Birth can't stop him. Suddenly, a man appears! Maki appears in front of Eiji again, he uses his medals to do something incredible!

Source : FreesiaKamenRiderUNDERGROUND of HJU

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