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Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger The Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship New Images

Fake Gokai-Oh

Much like a giant robot to manipulate Rosudaku Gokaio ghost captain.
Black cloak, a special lens to the right eye, crowned with a tooth pirate hats,
The left hook, which is also strange skull and cross bones symbol.

Source: DecaEnd of HJU

The Two Ankhs Have Finally Merged Into One Ankh + OOO HBV

The two Ankhs have finally merged into one Ankh, but for some reason a part of the head is still missing. Meaning Ankh is far from complete. (Lol, third Ankh?)
Ankh once said that the weaker Ankh would lose control of the body. Will Ankh regain full control? 
Or is it Lost Ankh?
The purple Core Medals are starting to eat Eiji from the inside. 
Will Maki become the dinosaur Greeed called Giru? Or will it be Eiji?

Lost Ankh who seemed like a baby when he first showed, has started to grow slowly as he's hanging around the Greeeds. He has become a lot more assertive and is focusing on his other self.

Kazari and the other Greeeds are suddenly reminded by the other Ankh after seeing Lost Ankh's sudden changes. 
Hyper Battle Video (HBV)
Hina finds the kangaroo medal, but she wants to use it so she challenges Eiji and Ankh to various quizzes and dances.

Source: DecaEnd of HJU

Kamen Rider OOO Movie: WONDERFUL Shogun and 21 Core Medals Latest Images

It's up on ca3/Sanshiki's blog if anyone wants to do it.

Gara's monster form. She calls herself the true OOO.
The king at that time was so afraid of Gara and the orange Core Medals. Thus, he decided to seal her away along with the medals. Could this king be the same as the one that was mentioned in episode 30!?

 Cous Cousier was already having an Edo fair, the group easily transitioned to the Edo era with their clothes.

 The Nue Yummy was able to defeat OOO, when Eiji was trying to protect Hina.
But at that time...
 Yoshimune arrives and tells Eiji to use the 3 medals he has. 

Fourze is joining.
Source: DecaEnd of HJU

KARA’s “Go Go Summer!” Dance Version PV Revealed + Behind the Scenes Video

Two weeks ago, the lovely ladies of KARA released the PV for “Go Go Summer!” The release date for this single is June 29th and with the official release just hours away, a special dance version PV of the single was released.

Additionally, check out a special behind the scenes video below!

Source: tokyohive

Kamen Rider Fourze Story Revealed!

Fourze in OOO's Movie

Translating the rest of the text that was in Uchusen Magazine.

  • The High School Rider who is challenging the Universe is born!!
  • Kamen Rider Fourze is actually an experiment trying out two thing, outer space and school drama.
  • Gentaro Kisaragi, a new transfer student at Amanogawa Academy says “I will become friends with everyone” on his first day and creates the “Kamen Rider” club. That’s how he came to know Kengo Kasei.
  • That Kengo is the one who first had the Fourze Driver, but he gives it to Gentaro which drastically changes his life.
  • Kamen Rider Fourze can insert different Astro Switches into the Fourze Driver to affect his legs and arms.
  • Fourze is going to be completely different and the magazine isn’t revealing a lot, they just go around in circles and have a bunch of questions like “Will he travel out to space with the Rocket Arm or something else?” “What are Fourze’s powers?”

Source: DecaEnd of HJU

Official Kamen Rider Fourze Staff + New Images

Official Kamen Rider Fourze Staff

Original: Shotaro Ishinomori
Script: Kazuki Nakajima (Gurren Lagann (TV & Movie), Oh! Edo Rocket, Re: Cutie Honey, Nodame Cantabile: Finale, Chu-Bra!! and Some Shin Chan Movie)
Director: Koichi Sakamoto (Kamen Rider W Forever A to Z Gaia Memories, Ultra Ginga Dentsetsu)
Action Director: Tsuyoshi Miyazaki (Japan Action Enterprise)
Special Effect Director: Wakita Hiroshi (SFX Institute)
Producer: Kengo Motoi (TV Asahi)、Tsukada Hideaki、Kazuhiro Takahashi(Toei)


Kisaragi Gentaro - Sota Fukushi

Kasei Kengo - Ryuki Takahashi

Joujima Yuuki - Fumika Shimizu

Miwa - Rikako Sakata

Daimonji Hayabusa : Tomimori Justin

Nozama Yuuko : Shiho

JK (Jake): Tsuchiya Shion

Sonoda Sarina: Konan Yuka

Osugi Chuta : Tanaka Takushi (Ungirls)

Mysterious Man : Tsurumi Shingo

Some new images:

Source: alternate-zer0 & ca3
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