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More Information on Kamen Rider Fourze!

With the recent release of both Hyper Hobby and Toei Hero MAX, more information on Kamen Rider Fourze is given. Be wary that there are spoilers.
Kamen Rider Fourze’s base form is called “Base States”, which is accessed when Gentaro uses the space energy inside the Astro Switches.
It’s stats are as followed:
Height: 200
Weight: 95 kg
Punch strength: 2.1 t
Kick strength: 6.3 t
Jump power: 20 m in one jump
Speed: 6.2 in 100 m
Special Attack, Rocket Drill Kick (Stratosphere Kick): 15 t

Fourze’s exclusive bike is the Machine Masshigler. Although, that’s just what Gentaro named it. It’s official name is “ORB-40F”It uses hydrogen as fuel and doesn’t release any CO2.
The Astro Switches are the sources of Fourze’s powers. These switches hold an unknown energy called “Cosmic Energy”
Fourze’s Module 1, the Rocket Module. A rocket is equipped on his right arm. By enabling the Exhaust Thruster, Fourze can add up another 4 t to his punches.
Fourze’s Module 2, the Launcher Module. He can shoot 5 missiles from his right leg.
Fourze’s Module 3, the Drill Modeule. It’s equipped on his left leg. It’s spins around 200 rpm.
Fourze’s Module 4, the Radar Module. By using this module, Fourze can give his Launcher Module homing missiles. He’s also able to reflect certain waves.
Fourze’s Module 5, the Magic Hand Module. The Magic Hand is equipped on his right hand, which gives him an extra 10 m reach. The end of the Magic Hand is called the “End Effect Pliers” which can lift up any object up to 6 t..

The Zodiarts use switches that are very different from Fourze’s. These are called “Zodiart Switches”. A human can use this to turn into a Zodiart. The Scorpion Zodiart is actually one of the stronger monsters, who suddenly shows up in Amanogawa High School. In episode 1 and 2, someone will use the Orion Switch to turn into the Orion Zodiart. He uses a giant club called Lemnos and a shield called Chios, named after two Greek islands.

Kengo Utahoshi received the Fourze Driver along with 40 Astro Switches from his dying father. He wishes to fight against the Zodiarts with the Fourze Driver, but due to his weak body he’s unable to fight. Kengo eventually gives Gentaro the belt when they meet.

The heroine Yuki Joujima is actually Gentaro’s childhood friend who’s Kengo’s classmate. She calls herself a “space nerd” and Japan’s happiest schoolgirl.
In the series, Kamen Rider Fourze, there are urban legends revolving the past Kamen Riders. Whether they are real or not in the series, no one knows. If they are, will they eventually team up with the new hero, Fourze!?

Source : DecaEnd of HJU

More Information for the Kamen Rider OOO Episode 45-48 (Last Episode)

Episode 45
During the plight, Eji's attack the Greeds in a unbelievable method.

Episode 46
Dr.Maki wants to use the uncontrollable power of Greeds to end the world.
On the other hand, Eji is going to become a greed.

Episode 47
Ankh versus Eji.
Hina doesn't knwo she should choose her brother or Ankh.

Episode 48 (Last Episode)
Dr.Maki notices the complete Uva.
Is it the time that the world goes to the end?

More Detail:

Birth is seriously damaged during the battle. 

Giru: By the influence of the Core Medals, Doctor Maki finally becomes the dinosaur Greeed.
Kazari finally reaches his full body, he manages to overpower both OOO and Birth until his Core Medals are destroyed by the Putotyra combo. Doctor Maki takes Kazari's remaining Core Medals, leaving him to die.

Date is back in the coming episode. At the same time, Birth and its Prototype Form will appear.

After Eiji and Ankh parted ways, Ankh managed to revive completely. Will he show the true nature of the Greeeds!?
Ankh's head is slightly different from the fake, pay attention to the belt around his hip.

Source : DecaEnd of HJU

Young Jump 2011 No.35

Young Jump 2011 No.35
[ヤングジャンプ] 2011 No.35 川口春奈 多田愛佳 篠崎愛 [17p]

WPB-net No.135 SKE48

WPB-net No.135 SKE48
[WPB-net] No.135 SKE48 – SKE48 ISLAND [40P15.5MB]
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