Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Singer For the Opening of Kamen Rider Fourze is confirmed

 Anna Tsuchiya confirmed for the singer of the opening. 

A press conference on Friday confirmed that singerAnna Tsuchiya is performing the theme song for the upcoming live-action series Kamen Rider Fourze. The song "Switch On!," which will ship on a CD single on October 26, is not the singer's first theme song performance. Tsuchiya sang theme songs for the NANA and Resident Evil: Degeneration anime, voiced characters in NANA and Soreike! Anpanman: Yōsei Rinrin no Himitsu, and acted in various Japanese live-action films.
The latest installment in the popular Kamen Rideraction television franchise will premiere on September 4 in Japan with a new episode every Sunday. With an astronaut theme, Kamen Rider Fourze will commemorate both the 40th anniversary of Shotaro Ishinomori's franchise and the 50th anniversary of the first manned spaceflight. This will be the 13th Kamen Rider series in the modern Heisei period (1989-present).
A preview for the series began streaming in August. Souta Fukushi will play the high school protagonist who becomes the new Kamen Rider venturing into space.

Some more articles. 

Mentions that her children loves Kamen Rider, so she thought why not sing the opening as well. It's pretty much just the usual "oh hey I liked Kamen Rider as kid, so cool to sing the latest Kamen Rider song" and such. 

Here's some of Anna Tsuchiya song:

Source : Eiga, Freesia of HJU

Some of Kamen Rider Fourze Scan Magz

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