Monday, October 3, 2011

Mizushima Hiro Becomes a Woman for “Numero TOKYO” Magazine

Mizushima Hiro is featured on the September 28th issue of “Numero TOKYO” as a female model.
This was a project proposed and produced by Mizushima himself, with the concept of “to transcend gender”. Mizushima can be seen in long blonde hair, wearing luxury brands.
The special project, titled “The foreigner named Mizushima Hiro“, is an 8-page spread that can be found in the 51st issue of “Numero TOKYO”. Mizushima is featured in dresses and suits from “FENDI“, “Yves Saint Laurent“, “Moschino“, and “Christian Dior“, topped off with eyeliner and lipstick. Regarding this project, Mizushima’s official website, “Hiro’s Field“, states, “Top creators gathered, and produced a new creation that detaches myself from stereotypes. This is a special project that can only be found in the international magazine, ‘Numero TOKYO’.
Mizushima was born in Tokyo in 1984, and lived in Swiss until graduation from elementary school. After starring in numerous dramas and movies, he left his agency in 2010. Mizushima then received the prestigious “Poplar Publishing Grand Prize for Fiction” award for his debut novel, “KAGEROU“, and in March 2011, he became the editor-in-chief for lifestyle magazine, “GLOBAL WORK“. Currently, he stars in the CM for “Mobage”, and has been writing scripts for short films.
Source + Photo: Fashion Snap & tokyohive
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