Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sato Takeru to Make His Stage Debut With “Romeo and Juliet”

It’s been announced that actor Sato Takeru (22) will be making his stage debut with Shakespeare’s enduring masterpiece “Romeo and Juliet” which will start playing in May 2012.  Sato will play Romeo, and he commented, “I will challenge squarely toward the pure love story of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.”  It was also revealed that actress Ishihara Satomi (24) will be taking the role of Juliet, and this is the first time for them to co-star each other.

The stage direction will be taken by Jonathan Munby who is the notable young stage director in the London theater, and it will aim the “love story that strikes a sympathetic chord in the modern audience.”

Sato who is being active in several scenes, such as TV and movies, has set the preparatory period of 2 years for the stage debut.  He first visited the United Kingdom to see Jonathan in July 2010, and also he visited and stayed there for 2 weeks in this March to attend the workshop operated by Jonathan.  Then Sato went to the United Kingdom again in this May in order to take the training for stage performance.

Though Sato has been trying extremely hard to face with the important role of Romeo. He commented, “It was such a valuable experience (this preparatory period), but still, I am completely amateur for the stage play, so I’m being desperate how I can catch up to everybody.  I’m not sure how far I can go, but I will try my best with my full strength.

Ishihara who will play Juliet who falls in love with Romeo who is from an opposing family, commented, “It’s a title that everybody knows, and Juliet has been played by many many people.  I felt little embarrassed and uneasy to play the fiery love story that wrenches your heart with the numerous famous lines.”  However, after having a deep discussion about the role and the intent with Jonathan, Ishihara commented, “My anxiety completely disappeared, and it made me think that I wanted to stand on the stage as Juliet.”  She says that she can’t wait for the rehearsal now.

Sato commented about Ishihara, “I always thought she is the actress who shows an attractive acting, so I’m really happy to be able to work with her.”  On the other hand, Ishihara said about Sato’s impression, “He looks at people squarely and is manly, but he is also a modesty person at the same time.

Other than Sato and Ishihara, other main cast members have also revealed.  Kaku Kento as Tubalt, Suda Masaki as Mercutio, Onoue Hiroyuki as Benvolio, Hasegawa Hatsunori as the Capulet, Ishino Mako as Capulet’s wife, Hashimoto Satoshi as Friar Laurence, and so on.

The stage play will start at Akasaka ACT Theater, Tokyo from May 2nd to the 27th, and at Theater BRAVA!, Osaka during May 31st to June 10th.

Source : Oricon via tokyohive
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