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Ouran Host Club Drama Trailer

Quite short trailer with English Subbed

First Interview Subbed:

Source : uploaded by theeternitysubs

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episode 20-23 Synopsis

Episode 20, the Lost Forest:
Navi tells the Gokaigers to serach for the closed forests, Gai believes that Navi is talking about the Gingamen and they head to the Ginga Forest.
Although, the Gingamen fought a group of space pirates and because of that, they can't get along with the Gokaiger's who are also space pirates.

Hyuuga appears in front of them and tells Gai to give him the Gokai Cellular. Hyuuga states that he'll do a better job than Gai.
Gai who has always adored Hyuuga is so shocked to hear such words.

Basco arrives and is targeting the Gingamen's greater power.

Episode 21, the Heart of an Adventurer:
Ryuuwon appears.
The former BoukenRed and Chief called Satoru Akashi shows up!!
Out of nowhere, Satoru is seen standing on the GokaiGalleon.
He's trying to retrieve the precious "The Heart of Hades", but for that he needs help from the Gokaigers. But Zangyack and the Jaryuu clan are also after the Heart of Hades.
And the Heart of Hades seems to be cause of Ryuuwon's revival.

Episode 22, the Promise from the Stars:
The Action Commander Stargull appears.

Episode 23, Human Lives are the Future of Earth:
The Fireroid Meran appears.
Luka and Ahim episode with Go Pink.

Kamen Rider OOO Episode 40-44 Synopsis

Episode 40:
Now that Cous Cousier has been forcefully closed down, they have to celebrate Ankh's birthday by the river.

But closing down Cous Cousier won't stop Chiyoko.

Episode 41:
Shingo finally wakes up, but Ankh is absorbed by the other Ankh.

Episode 42:
The Core Medals inside Eiji's body is starting to rampage, causing a big change with Eiji's body.

Episode 43:
Hina is worried that Ankh and Shingo can't co-exist in the same body. Ankh starts to get closer to Doctor Maki. (Doesn't seem to be talking about Lost Ankh, so Ankh is back by episode 43 I guess.)

Episode 44:
Someone tells a way to stop the purple Core Medals from going berserk.

Source: DecaEnd of HJU

More Kamen Rider Fourze Image

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