Monday, September 26, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Electric States & New Astro Switches 11-16

Electric States

Switch No.10
Electricity energy switch that powered up Fourze.
It's primarily for the right arm switch, when in fully power it transformed the whole body.

Billy the Rod
Electric States right arm personal weapon. Billy the Rod can manipulate an electricity energy from it.
Three different powers can be use by connecting the plug in 3 different outlets.

When set the Electric Switch on Billy the Rod to activated Limit Break, Rider 100 Million Bolt Break.
Rider Lightning Drill Kick, The Rod strengthen the Drill Module with electricity energy.

New Astro Switches, 11-16
11 - Scissor, huge scissor that can cut the iron bar.
12 - Beat, perplexed the enemies with sound of speaker.
13 - Chain Array, iron ball with chain.
14 - Smoke, spraying a smoke.
15 - Spike, the left leg module with a thorn on it.
16 - Winch, shot with a wire hook.

Source : alternate-zer0 of HJU


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